Special Projects

Ochsner Operating Room Expansion

Technical Description

This project required a complete interior demolition and build-out of approximately 7,500 square feet to provide 5 new operating room suites with an attached Post-Anesthesia Recovery Area. The project scope called for demolition and removal of existing wall assembles, flooring, ceilings, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical construction, followed by new interior build-out including but not limited to: misc. steel, drywall assemblies, ceilings, painting, doors & hardware, glass & glassing, flooring, millwork, specialties, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. Existing Life Safety Barriers and features remained in place, and new life safety measures were added as part of new scopes of work.


This project occured adjacent to an active patient care area of an existing healthcare occupancy. Extreme Infectious Control provisions were developed and maintained throughout the project’s duration. The construction work was classified as a Type D, Group 4 Class 4 (highest risk). Examples of infectious provisions used on this project included: building anti-rooms for job site entry, hard barriers around perimeter of jobs, hepa machines exhausting to the atmosphere, and placement of a differential pressure monitor within the construction space to confirm construction site continuously maintained negative pressure.


Upgrade existing patient rooms to Critical Care Rooms

Technical Description

This project required infrastructure upgrades of existing patient rooms including equipment and features for medical gases, dialysis boxes, a modern nurse call system, updated electrical outlets and devices, and installation of view windows to better serve the client’s various patient populations.  Over 30 patient rooms were upgraded, and construction was phased (2 rooms at a time) in order to allow for and maintain patient occupancy.


In accordance with the Infection Control Construction Permit, construction work was classified as Type B Group 4 Highest Risk, which required careful planning and infectious control provisions throughout the duration of the project.



Bathroom Renovations Throughout Medical Campus (8 bathrooms through-out main hospital and Benson Tower)

Technical Description

Eight high traffic public restrooms were completely demolished and rebuilt with new plumbing fixtures, ceramic tile floors, walls, light fixtures, ceilings, bathroom partitions, etc.


Due to their location in high traffic areas, transporting materials in and out of the site was challenging. Careful planning and scheduling was needed to reduce disruptions and ensure safety of both our team and the public. Thus, this project was performed in 2 phases (group of 4 restrooms at a time). Each phase was fast tracked in order to place the restrooms back online as soon as possible.



Locker Room Relocation OMC Locker Room

Technical Description

The project scope called for a complete interior demolition and build-out of approximately 5,030 sqft to provide new lounges, catering area and locker room for hospital staff.


In accordance with the Infection Control Construction Permit, construction work was classified as a Type D (major construction) Class IV Highest Risk which required infectious control provisions throughout the duration of the project.




Louisiana Cancer Research Center – Owner Representative

Technical Description

The Project is the fit-out of the fifth and sixth floor shelled floors in the LCRC which is an existing ten-story building. The 5th Floor is designed to be a clinical trials facility with exam rooms, offices, pharmacy, phlebotomy lab and other medical functions. A new elevator serving the first and fifth floors is to be installed. The sixth floor is designed as a research space, similar to the existing seventh, eighth and ninth floors. There are open labs, alcoves, procedure rooms, a linear equipment room, and an office area with a conference room and break room.


The other existing floors will remain occupied during construction of this Project and all efforts must be made to minimize disruption of the scientific investigations and other activities in the Building.




3222 Canal Street Sacred Heart Apartment– Owner Representative

Technical Description

The project called for the refurbishment and repurposing of existing residential units into low-income apartment units. Additionally, to support these new units, the project also called for remodeling of 8,350 square feet of building area into offices and tenant support service areas.  Clement Building Company was brought into the Project in the later stage of construction to assist with and facilitate completion.

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