What makes
us Different?

Superior results through
careful planning,
experienced oversight,
and relentless attention to detail.

How we are different:

We listen, on the front end, and work hard to fully understand our customers’ needs, then we create cost-effective solutions that are built to last.

We never over promise and under deliver. Clement Building Co. provides the necessary management, labor and materials to ensure the only surprises are happy ones.

To ensure the highest quality is maintained, we never take on more work than we can effectively manage, or accept projects on which we lack experience or expertise. Every job receives our entire team’s relentless attention to detail.

We plan every job using state-of-the-art technology and apply the collective experiences and knowledge of our entire team. We insist upon proper planning that includes providing contingencies for unexpected or unforeseen issues, and this is critical to achieving our mission.

Clement Building Co. always puts safety first. No one will ever be asked to, or allow to, engage in any unsafe activity; nor will they be asked to cut corners or rush a job at the expense of the quality we are committed to deliver.

Our employees share our commitment to providing superior results. They are highly experienced, well trained and fairly compensated to assure their focus is on meeting your needs as our customer.

Experienced Leadership

Kevin and Keith, brothers and owners of Clement Building Company, have over two decades of construction experience each. Both have worked in every possible area of the building profession, on small scale jobs and on massive multi-million dollar projects. Because they set high expectations for every job they take on, they have surrounded themselves with like-minded, seasoned professionals who are capable of critical thinking and logical planning. Every build professional who works on a Clement Building project brings a stellar work ethic and high standards for themselves and their product.

“We were taught at a very young age that you earn what you get. Our work ethic is strong and unwavering. When we hire someone we expect them to embody qualities we embrace.”

Characteristics of Clement Building Employees:

  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Leaders
  • Problem Solvers
  • Conflict resolution
  • Foresight
  • Accountable
  • Drug Free
  • Good attitude

“They are in sync. Jobs are seamlessly managed because both owners complement one another in the way in which they work.”